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Separation happens often among couples and if children are involved in the mix, it becomes a complicated affair to cool things down. It is vital to make arrangements that can help to determine who should take custody of the children.

In many cases, both partners prefer taking custody of the children, but this is not always possible, so the situation ends up with complications they could have avoided if a third party was consulted.

A Trusted mediator works to bring peace and to help couples to achieve harmony even after separation. We are certified professionals that will help you to resolve any disputes that emanate from separation and children custody.

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To solve your issue fully, we first schedule a meeting with you to get background information that can help our mediator to understand how to best approach the issue.

This meeting should unravel details about the children and what should be done to eliminate ripples in the process of handling the separation. The mediator will advise on the specific issues that are supposed to be resolved and will also point out any urgent decisions that are supposed to be made during the meeting.

If you are handling the mediation process solely, we can schedule several appointments. The purpose of mediation is to construct a system of contact with your children. It is, therefore, advisable to schedule the appointments far enough to allow time for reviews that can help our mediator to decide what can work well to secure your rights to maintain contact with your children.

After the meeting, the mediator will draft a letter that will sum up the points discussed, the decisions reached and any parts of the discussion that may need amendments in future. This letter will be accompanied by a detailed document that will summarise the results of the efforts and whether the ideas introduced are fair to both parties.

Child mediation is different from financial mediation in the sense you are not required to touch on the formal division of your finances. Mediation simply helps you to eliminate the need for solicitors and court orders, which can lead to traumatizing decisions

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